Founded in 1975, EMMSA is dedicated to the distribution of piping systems, EMMSA has established itself as one of the most important wholesale distributors throughout all of Mexico, serving the Waterworks, Plumbing, Industrial, Agricultural and Turf Irrigation markets.

EMMSA provides the most complete selection of materials and components including PVC, CPVC, PEX, Copper, PE, HDPE, valves and actuators, Fire protection systems, Injectors and dosing, sewage and water main, tape and drip irrigation tubing and hose, filtration systems, pumps, sprinklers, rotors, nozzles, controllers and sensors, remote monitoring and many other products and solutions.

Waterworks Plumbing Industrial Agricultural Irrigation Turf Irrigation

EMMSA offers the widest and best selection of products of the highest quality with the largest coverage of branches, manufacturing plants, turf irrigation specialty stores in Mexico.