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Recreational water provides a luxury and pleasure that is unique however it is critical to assure both safety and comfort which is why we provide the most complete solutions for this market. All of our equipment, chemicals and components are of the highest quality and come from the most recognized global brands.

Filters, Pumps and Water Heaters

        For residential and commercial applications

White Goods, Lightning and Control

        High efficiency modern equipment

Finishes, cascades and fountains

        For interior and exterior applications

Maintenance and Pool Chemicals

        Brushers, scrubbers, chlorine, adjusters

Commercial Equipment and Safety

        For resorts, aquatic and recreational parks

We provide the most complete Pool and Spa equipment and chemical solutions from the most recognized global brands for all your needs and requirements. Among these solutions are filtration systems, pump systems, heating solutions, white goods, lighting systems, safety systems, spas, waterscaping, chemicals etc. for both the commercial and residential market.