In Aquor we strive to provide and create long term sustainable value among its associates and to the wider community and society.

Aquor's proven relationship to the communities in which they operate as well as the wider society are leading examples of our commitment to applying our values to action.

Respect for customs, local culture, collaboration in educational projects, supporting community organizations, allocating donations to social institutions and diffusing our guiding principles and values to the people around us are just a few of many examples of how Aquor and all their business units create long lasting value to their local communities and society.

With respect and dynamic participation in local groups we strive to provide solutions to problems and challenges in local communities and society at large. Aquor is an active partner in each community and widely recognized and valued for this commitment.


Aquor always strives where possible to enhance and create value through employment, training and development of the human capital in our communities.


In Aquor we understand that work is the basis for personal, business and community growth, as well as a platform for long-term stability for our associates, customers and suppliers.


We seek through continued job creation, training and expansion to extend our principles and values in existing communities and new communities through our business units.


In Aquor we respect and promote the standards and laws in our communities and foster a culture of environmental stewardship in our business units.


Our commitment in the community also extends to natural resources, infrastructure and ecological preservation.


We not only respect but actively promote sustainability in business, consumption and the environment with a long term perspective in all facets of our efforts.