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Our solutions in infrastructure and waterworks provide fluid waste transport from buildings and houses to centralized treatment plants as well as provide potable water transport to buildings and houses. In both cases we provide fluid transport solutions such as pipes, connections, valves and accessories for expansion as well as routine operation and maintenance.

Sewer Systems

        Metric and IPS PVC sewer pipe and fittings
        Structured and corrugated PVC pipes
        Storm drain, steel pipe, access solutions

Hydraulic Systems

        Metric and IPS PVC pipe and fittings
        PVC C900 and C905, polyethylene and ductile iron
        Water services, hydrants, valves

For the infrastructure and waterworks market we have the widest selection of solutions from some of the most recognized global brands. We offer a complete line of small diameter to large diameter PVC, polyethylene, structured and corrugated components and piping as well as valves, hydrants and other water services and specialized components.