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Water is essential to life and critical in agriculture and livestock markets and increasing crop and livestock productivity. We provide components and integrated system solutions for the agricultural market including irrigation, water and fluid transport, connections and fittings, valves. A wide array of efficient technologies like micro irrigation, side-rolls, pivot systems and other mechanized systems. In addition, we provide extensive solutions for water treatment and disinfection incorporating filtration, fertirrigation and dosing solutions for livestock and agricultural fields, greenhouses and hydroponics.

Mechanized Irrigation

        Pivots and linear systems, side-rolls, cannons

Drip Tape and Hose

        Round and oval, dripper, layflat

Micro-irrigation and Sprinklers

        Wobblers, sprayers, emmitters

Water Pumping Systems

        Deep well, vertical, submersible packaged systems

Filtration Products and Systems

Valves, Flow Meters and Controllers

We have the most complete Agricultural Irrigation product line with the most recognized brands worldwide for all your needs. We provide hydraulic PVC pipe and fitting systems, central pivots, side-rolls, water cannons, hose and drip tape, micro-irrigation, filtration and water pumping systems, manometers, injectors, plastic gates, aluminum fittings, and more.