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Our water, wastewater and process water treatment solutions are of the highest quality and from the most recognized global brands. We provide both components and complete packaged solutions in the residential, commercial, municipal and industrial market with an emphasis on safety, confidence and reliability.

Tanks, Elements and Filter Media

        Polyglass, composite, brine and specialty tanks

Valves Systems and Automatic Controllers

        Residential, commercial and industrial

Filtration, Softeners and OEM

        Automatic valves and self-cleaning filtration

Filter Housings and Filters

        Membrane, cartridge, bag and specialty

RO/NF/UF Membrane Systems, UV/Ozone Disinfection

        Membrane, UV lamps, ozone components and systems

We have the most complete line of water, wastewater and process water treatment solutions from the most recognized global brands for all your needs. We provide media and specialty tanks, membrane elements and systems, ion exchange components and systems, automatic valves and controllers, filter and membrane pressure housings and replacement filtration, UV and Ozone disinfection systems, water dispensing and vending equipment and accessories.