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Irrigation and other landscaping solutions provide aesthetic and increased property values. Our landscaping irrigation systems help to provide optimal growth and development of turf, golf courses, trees and plants. We provide a complete line of systems to operate manually or automatically to provide the best value to any residential, commercial or industrial need.

Residential and Commercial Rotors

        PGJ, PGP, MP-Rotator, Pro-Spray, 5000, 3500 series


        6A - 17A, SS530, LCS-515, RCS-515, R-VAN 1 and 2, MPR

Residential and Commercial Sprays

        PC Ultra, Uni-Spray, VAN, Rain Curtain

Valves and Valve Boxes

        PGV, ICV, HQ3 and HQ4, series DV/DVF, PGA 1 and 2 series

Controllers, Sensors, Remotes

        X-CORE, PCC, WindClik, MiniClik, FreezeClik, ESP-RZX

We provide the most complete landscaping and water feature solutions with the most recognized global brands for all your landscaping and waterscaping needs. Among these solutions are piping for water and fluid transport options, connections and valves, valve boxes, rotors, sprays, standard and advanced nozzles, custom fittings, controllers, sensors, remote controls and monitors, tools and accessories.